Rotary Parlours

The Orbitor platform rotates on nylon rollers, each possessing a high modular density and low coefficient of friction to combine for a 6000kg + load rating.

The bail is constructed of  heavy duty black steel pipe and is then hot dipped galvanised giving a very durable robust bail unit.

The Cabinet is constructed entirely of Heavy Gauge stainless steel and incorporates a stainless steel Jetter door assembly, this gives a long life

The Pearson Retention bar system ensures maximum performance from your rotary table, the retention bar drops once the cluster is attached to the cow.

To offer comfort to the operator and comfort for the cow install a Pearson swing over arm onto the rotary unit. The swing arm ensures the weight of the milking

To ensure continued cow flow onto the rotary parlour, it is important that the cows finished milking know when to get off. The Pearson expel cow remover system uses both compressed air and water.
Keeping a rotary clean during milking can be a very difficult task. The deck and cluster are two main areas that need to be kept clean as they are in contact or close to the cows teats.
The EasyMilk Line is a great addition to any rotary parlour. It is used for separating an individual cows milk whether it is due to beastings or antibiotics.
The Pearson Comfort Pod Leg Divider unit is installed onto the rotary deck. Once the cow enters the unit, her back legs are positioned either side of the divider