Happy Cow

The cow is the foundation of every dairy business. We have developed a number of features to make the cows life better.

Bully Bars
While cows are getting meal in the milking parlour bullying or poaching may occur between stalls. This can cause unnecessary strees on both cows and operator during the milking process. To minimise this, Pearson Bully Bars are a great accessory to control cows in the manager system and ensure cow comfort when feeding. The manager panel positioned either side of the cow helps prevent against poaching by other cows.

RED System – Rapid Exit Dispatch
The Pearson RED System has been designed to create maximum speed through a herringbone parlour with in-parlour feeding. The RED System incorporates fast entry and fast exit into one complete unit.

Cluster flush
If clusters are not properly cleaned, cross contamination can occur leading to the spread of mastitis from an infected cow. Pearson’s Cluster Flush System back-flushes the cluster after every cow with a parasitic acid and injected with compressed air to give a maximum washing and drying routine. The Pearson Cluster Flush System can fit onto any parlour without any alteration to the existing milking equipment.

Trickle feed
To keep your cow content all the way through milking we trickle feed concentrate to the cow over the duration of milking. This improves milk flow and cow comfort.