Customer testimonials

At Pearson Milking Technology we realise the true measure of our success is measured by how our farmer customers speak to their fellow farmers about using our dairy equipment and technology.

John Phelan

Herd size: 165 cows
Parlour: Rapid Exit
Technology: ProFarm, i100, Forward Motion
Herd Management: SmartTag, Animal Selection

John Phelan “wanted a one-man operation”. John uses Pearson Milking Technology ProFarm, i100 and Forward Motion technology as well as benefitting from Pearson SmartTag and Animal Selection herd management systems. For John the benefit of using Pearson Milking Technology systems is a more enjoyable work life and happier cows, “I don’t mind coming to milk anymore, I don’t have to leave the pit. It is a lot less stressful on the cow and operator”. Implementing the heat management system has also seen a reduction in repeats on previous years.

Shane Corbally

Herd size: 330 cows
Parlour: 50 point rotary
Technology: Global ProFarm, Milk Meter
Herd Management: Crowd Gate, Animal Selection

Shane Corbally of Brownstown Estate uses Pearson Milking Technology 50 Point Rotary parlour for his 330-strong herd. As well as implementing Pearson Global ProFarm and Milk Meter technology and Crowd Gate and Animal Selection herd management systems on- farm. He has praised Pearson Milking Technology as “an excellent addition to the farm”, particularly for data capture and simplification of farm tasks. In relation to the milk meters, Shane says “it’s a game changer having access to that level of information on individual yields” and the “drafting unit has made life a lot easier with jobs like hoof pairing, AI and drying off”.

James Dovey

Herd size: 165 cows
Parlour: Swingover
Technology: ProFarm, i100, Milk Separation Line
Herd Management: MRS, Animal Selection

James Dovey of Bradford Down Farm in the UK has a dairy herd of 165 cows and uses Pearson Milking Technology Swingover Parlour. James “preferred the Pearson parlour over other makes”, saying “The parlour size, layout, it’s all brilliant. I would really recommend Pearsons”. James also uses Pearson ProFarm, i100 and Milk Separation Line technology on farm and has implemented Pearson MRS and Animal Selection herd management systems. James praised the personalised service provided by Pearson; “We liked dealing with the manufacturer, rather than just a sales rep”.