Advisory service – What system suits me, my cows and my farm?

Our key advisory offering is our Parlour Planning service. When we are planning a new parlour or a upgrade to an existing set-up we always work through the following:

Type of dairy farming

  • The type of dairy you are running will influence the machine and equipment you need to purchase.

Herd size

  • Considering the future size of your dairy herd is crucial when planning the parlour size.

Cow flow

  • The aim is to have smooth, stress-free cow flow to the collecting yard, through the parlour and out of the dairy through the selection system.

Milking time

  • Keeping in mind your milking routine, consider a goal time to have your cows milked within. The aim is to minimise the time the cows spend in the parlour.  

The Pearson Milking Technology Checklist:

  • Tradespeople – Builder / Electrician / Plumber
  • Consider site levels.
  • Local or national grants.
  • Cow flow.
  • Finish on parlour walls and concrete.
  • Electrical supply, transformer size.
  • Waste water volume.
  • Compressor, generator.
  • Hot water supply.
  • Cow handling layout.
  • Meal bin positioning.
  • Canteen / shower / toilet requirements.
  • Energy saving options.