EasyMilk Line

Pearson Milking Technology EasyMilk Line

The EasyMilk Line is a great addition to any rotary parlour. It is used for separating an individual cow’s milk whether it is due to beastings or antibiotics. With quick attachment and easy cleaning it is a fast and a cost effective solution for milk separation.


Pearson EasyMilk Line is consists of a ring vacuum line around the external of the rotary platform. Near the operator there are a number of milk bucket assemblies incorporating a pulsator and milking cluster.


Once a cow enters the platform and their milk is to be separated for example for beastings. The bucket is attached to the hooks under the rotary table and a tube connected onto the ring vacuum line to supply vacuum. Once the cluster is attached the operator can start the rotary deck again and the bucket assembly will move with the rotary table.