Experience gained with feeding routines in the parlour has strongly influenced this complex design of manger partition and trough.

Anti Poaching System While cows are getting meal in the milking parlour bullying or poaching may accur between stalls.

The Pearson Double straight breast rail consists of two rails. The top rail holds the cow in the correct position

The Pearson Tombstone system gives a comfortable and stress free experience in the milking parlour.

Pearson Yoking system gives total control of your cows during milking. The cows enter the parlour & put their heads into the head locking system.

Construction A fully galvanised construction manufactured to last against the every day handling of dairy cows, suitable for 2’4”, 2’3”, 2’2” cow stands, driven by compressed air rams to give smooth operation.

Rapid Exit Dispatch The Pearson RED system has been designed to create maximum speed through a herringbone parlour with inparlour feeding.