Retention Bar System

Pearson Milking Technology, Rotary Milking Retention Bar System


The Pearson Retention bar system ensures maximum performance from your rotary table, the retention bar drops once the cluster is attached to the cow. If the cow is a slow milker the retention bar prevents the cow exiting at the exit point. Once the cow has finished milking the retention bar lifts and the cow exits the platform when the exit point comes around again.

Durability and control

Pearson Retention bars are constructed & manufactured from industrial nylon and stainless steel to allow long life against corrosion. They may be controlled by vacuum or compressed air.

Intelligent Retention

The Pearson Retention system may be controlled by the ProFarm System. This intelligent control system monitors the cows milk flow, quantity and health on the rotary table. If any deviances are detected the retention bar drops just before the exit point of the rotary, bringing the cow back to the operator to be checked for any problems.