Revolve Crowd Gate

Pearson Revolve Crowd Gate, Pearson Milking Technology, Pearson Milking Machine

Maximise Cow Flow

The PEARSON Revolve Crowd Gate consists of two gate units, the first is an idle gate to guide the cows into the parlour and the second is the moving gate which rotates around the yard behind the cows keeping them up to the parlour entrance.

Drive System 

The Revolve crowd gate is powered by compressed air, an industrial pneumatic motor is connected to the drive system to move the gate.


Both gate structures are manufactured from heavy duty black steel and hot dipped galvanised to last many years.


The Revolve crowd gate is able to do groups of cows. Once the first group is finished the idle gate may be moved to the other side of the parlour entrance and then the moving gate rotates the opposite way.


There are no electric motors or electronic controls on the gate, preventing any stray voltage or electric failures in the outdoor environment.