Commander Crowd Gate

Pearson Commander Crowd Gate , Pearson Milking Technology, Pearson Milking Machine

Maximise Cow Flow

The PEARSON Commander Crowd Gate is a combination of a backing gate and scraping system. The gate moves the cows forward towards the parlour entrance in a smooth motion. Once the gate reaches its maximum point, it changes over. On the return back to its parking position, it scrapes the collecting yard, leaving it clean for the next milking.

Hydraulic Rail System

For slow, steady movement towards the parlour and strength when needed, a hydraulic system is used to drive the backing gate. Connected to double notched, heavy duty channel rails it can move the most stubborn cows. On larger gates, up to 3 rails may be needed.

Gate Construction

To ensure long life, the gate is manufactured from heavy duty steel and is then fully galvanised. A strong hock rail at the front of the backing gate is to ensure good cow movement towards the parlour.

Gate Control

A control unit is situated at the back of the milking parlour to activate the backing gate. A timed forward motion brings the cows up to the parlour and a Home button brings the gate back to the ram box position.

Extra switches may be installed on the parlour entrance gates to automatically activate the backing gate once open. This eliminates the user from going to the back of the parlour.