Auto Start

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At Pearson Milking Technology, there are multiple Auto Start Systems we offer. The Pearson Auto Lift Start, starts the unit by the cluster being lifted. The vacuum is started to the unit and the pulsation begins and it is ready to milk. This system increases the speed and work flow throughout the parlour.

The Pearson Auto Swing Start, to start this unit the swing arm is moved to the opposite side of the pit for the next cow. By doing this vacuum will begin automatically for the unit and the pulsation system is ready to milk.

The Pearson Forward Motion Start has two ways of application; both rotary and herringbone. For the herringbone, the Forward Motion start gives a clearer view of the cows udder and enhances the speed work flow through a Double Sided parlour. Once the cow has finished milking the cluster is removed and lowered close to the ground. This allows the operator to post spray and view the cows clearly. While cows are entering and exiting the parlour the clusters remain low in order for the operator to have better visibility. For the rotary, the Forward Motion Start minimises operator movement during milking. Once the cluster comes to a point where the operator stands the cluster will be released and automatically start. There is no need for the operator to press buttons or lift the cluster.