Automatic washer – Ocean

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Saves time and have piece of mind…

The Pearson Ocean Auto Washer saves time and gives piece of mind to farmers, knowing that the milking plant is washed correctly after every milking whether you are there or not. Once the jetters and filter have been put into place, just press the Wash button on the Auto Washer and walk away,


Equipped with up to seven wash programmes which include rinses, detergent, and acid cycles, the ocean washer has the flexibility to suit any machine. Included are three farm programmes that can be individually set to suit the user’s needs.


Just one of the many safety features incorporated in the Ocean Auto Washer is a sensor placed at the milk delivery line to monitor whether the bulk tank is connected. The washer will not start the milking routine if this is not connected.


With the Pearson innovative suck up valve, the wash cycle takes less time to complete which in turn shortens the milking machine’s running time.

Water temperature

During a main wash cycle it is important to have the machine’s lines hot to get the best wash possible. Sensors are placed on the line to measure water temperature. If the temperature is low during the wash cycle, an alarm is activated for the user’s attention.


During milking, less  vacuum  capacity is needed from the vacuum pumps than during washing, Depending on the mode selected (milk or wash), the Ocean Washer is capable of automatically selecting the number of pumps needed to give the required vacuum. Example: One pump may only be needed to run during milking ( may take one hour ) and two pumps will be needed to run during washing ( may take 20 min ).

User Friendly

Using visual graphics to indicate different rinses, washes and hardware items prevents confusion using the wash keyboard.

With easy to use menus for programmes and settings, helpful alarms indicating low chemical, service and connection points. The Ocean washer is one of the most user friendly washers in the market place.