Herd Management Software

Herd Management

Once an animal’s information is entered into CERES herd manager software, technology starts building up a history of the animal to more efficiently help you make decisions to get the best results from that animal. Keeping a record of any illness , medical treatment and future illness ( high conductivity with low milk yield ) is just part of CERES to continually monitor the health of each animal in your herd. Information collected can be displayed on any aspect of that animal from milk yield to pregnancy dates through easy to read graphs and reports.

Parlour management

Communication from CERES to the milking parlour during milking can provide the operator with pregnancy date, heat dates and much more from the CERES cow calendar. Depending on the animal, cluster removal times, pulsation speeds and ratios may be adjusted for individual cows.

Any changes made to the cows information in the parlour is updated onto CERES automatically once the cow has finished milking.