Pearson Parlour Features on Irish Farmers Journal

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We were delighted to see our customer Shane Flanagan’s experience working with Pearson and Ja Colleran Farm Services featured in the Irish Farmers Journal on 4 January 2023. Shane installed a new 10-unit parlour on his farm in Crossmolina, Co. Mayo.

Shane took over the running of the herd from his father Martin Flanagan, a well-known Holstein breeder and Dovea Genetics breeding advisor. His high yielding herd is currently at 38 cows with young stock being reared off farm using contract rearing over the past six years.

Shane had worked on farms with rotarys, double-up parlours and swingovers previously and felt that the five-unit parlour that had been on the farm for 47 years was now very much outdated. After researching different parlour makes and suppliers, Shane chose Pearson Milking Technology due to our service and technological ability, the competitive pricing which accompanies it and the ability retrofit extras on to his set up in the future.

Shane’s new Pearson P100 parlour is a 10-unit herringbone parlour with room for an additional two units going forward. The parlour includes features such:

  • 2×2 pulsation with a variable speed pump.
  • Anti-bully bars on feed mangers.
  • Rump rail installed to the rear.
  • Feed-to-yield through auto ID.
  • Automatic cluster removers (ACR’s)

Shane plans to install an auto-drafting gate in the next two years and may install dump lines and cluster flush with Shane hoping to expand his 38-cow herd up to 50 in the next number of years.

We wish Shane the very best of luck with his new fit-out and future plans and we thank him for choosing Pearson.

Thanks to Martin Merrick for the super write up. See the full article on ‘The Irish Farmers Journal’ website below.
New red Parlour for high-yielding black and whites in Mayo

Pearson Milking Technology – overall winner at the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Awards

Pearson Milking Technology , Pearson Milking Machine, Rotary Milking, Rotary Milking Parlour, Milking Parlour

Today (Monday 19th September), Pearson Milking Technology, won the Farm Automation Award and was also the overall winner collecting the Innovator of the Year Award for Established Company at this years Enterprise Ireland Innovation Awards at the National Ploughing Championships. Headquartered in Athy, Co Kildare for over 75 years, Pearson Milking Technology supplies dairy equipment and technology to farmers in Ireland, the UK and 20 countries globally.

Using both vision technology and artificial intelligence, their winning innovation is an automated body condition scoring product called Bullseye. The Body Condition Score of a cow is a key metric in assessing the animal in terms of whether they are under or overweight. By automatically estimating the Body Condition Score of the animal, feed can be adjusted which in turn helps to keep the cow in ideal condition impacting on fertility, sustainability and of course animal welfare.

Director, David Pearson commented, “Pearson Milking Technology was founded in 1948 by our grandparents. Our Granny was an entrepreneur and our Grandad was an engineer. Since then we have manufactured milking equipment and technology for dairy farms from 5 cows to 5,000 cows. To be the overall winner of the Innovation Awards at this years National Ploughing Championship is very important to us and is a great accolade for us when we go to meet our international partners”.

Director Lloyd Pearson, added, “Bullseye came from an on-farm problem. We took this challenge back to our R&D lab, collaborated with Technological University Dublin and are now delighted to be launching this product for dairy farmers at this years National Ploughing Championship. Body condition scoring is a time consuming, subjective piece of work. As herd sizes increase, we see a really important role for Bullseye in automating body condition scoring and giving real time decision making information to dairy farmers”.

Pearson Milking Technology’s Lee Wilson who headed up the Bullseye project, commented, “We had an excellent collaboration with TU Dublin. We engage heavily in R&D to improve our technology for dairy farmers and the expertise of the team in TU Dublin added significant value. Our Bullseye automated body condition scoring product involves both IoT and sensor technology. This innovation will make a significant difference to dairy farmers in Ireland, the UK and internationally from both an economic and environmental sustainability perspective as well as from an animal welfare perspective”.

Speaking on behalf of Enterprise Ireland James Moloney commented, “ Pearson Milking Technology have developed a really smart solution, a really good labour saving device on farm. We see this as a solution which has applicability across any milking platform across the globe. With Bullseye, Pearson’s have taken their business one step further and integrated artificial intelligence and computer vision into a really exciting new product.”

New Video – New Entrant

Delighted to share our new video of Loughlin Ryan, a new entrant dairy farmer, with his parents Pa and Ann in Upperchurch, Tipperary.

He uses a lot of technology which helps with his #GAA career! He tells a great story about the transition to dairying, and the features he values in the Pearson Milking parlour including:

👉 Express Fit service

👉P100 Keypad

👉 Automatic Cluster Removers (ACRs)

👉 Dumpline

👉 Cluster Flush

👉 Mangers with Bully Bars

👉 Airgates

DM us if you want to know more