Parlour and Milking Analyser

Pearson Milking Technology, Pearson Milking Machine

The Pearson Parlour Proformance Analyser is an extremely useful tool for managing your cows and operators Key Proformance indicators in the parlour.

Some features of the system include Biomodal Milking Analysis –

Monitor the milking characteristics of the cow to best make decisions on teat preparation, cluster attachment times and grouping of the animal.

Milking Session Overview –

  • Total milking time
  • Session start time
  • Session end time
  • Total milking time
  • Number of animals milked
  • Manual ID
  • Animals with ID not milked
  • Number of Re- attachments
  • Number of manual milking
  • Total Session Yield ( kg )
  • Production / milking ( kg )
  • Average milking times for milk let down