Vacuum System


All PEARSON vacuum pumps are robustly constructed, highly efficient and are manufactured to the most stringent quality controls. The drive shafts are robust and are cast into the rotor. Large bearings are fitted ensuring a long trouble free operating life. Each vacuum pump has a double oil reservoir unit supplying fresh oil lubrication that guarantees minimum wear. Should the primary translucent oil bottle indicate empty, then there is enough oil in the secondary oil reservoir to maintain the vacuum pump for a further time period.

VDrive System

The Pearson VDrive System is a frequency controlled vacuum pump system developed to only give the required vacuum needed to run the units in operation. While milking, the machine needs much less vacuum, than when the machine is  washing due to air loss . Installing the EcoVac Drive unit will manage the required vacuum needed by the machine, Coupled with Pearson’s individual pulsation control on their ACR and Electronic Meter systems, savings of up to 47 % power usage may be made on the electric motors running the vacuum pumps, leading to great savings on the environment and great savings in your pocket.