Tru Flo Cluster

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The Pearson Tru Flo Cluster


A 350 ml capacity claw piece enables this cluster to handle the fastest milking cows with no danger of flooding whether on 4 x 1 or 2 x 2 pulsation, the 19mm milk nipple allows maximum flow of milk and vacuum through the milk tube.


To prevent a down time during milking time due to a broken cluster, Pearson manufactures the Tru-Flo Assembly to the highest standards. The shells, pulse block and claw bowl are manufactured from stainless steel keeping replacement parts to a minimum. The clear claw bowl allows visibility into the claw and is protected with a red rubber buffer.


The Tru-Flo Shell and liners are designed for comfort and speed. The shell has a flared end to mimic a calf’s mouth on the  teat and any one of the Pearson family of liners have a uniquely mixed rubber  compound to create a more comfortable milking experience for the cow.

The Pearson Tru-Flo Light Cluster

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