Smooth Pulsation with every beat

Pearson pulsators have been tested not only with the most advanced technology but also with the rigors of time. Manufacturing pulsation systems since the early 70s, the knowledge built up has led to the creation of a low maintenance, high performance pulsator which is second to none on the market today.

Reduced Vacuum Consumption

Cascading pulsation systems activate each relay a fraction of a second after the last one, thereby creating an even flow of vacuum throughout the milking plant. With large capacity pulsators, two milking units may be run off one relay to minimise costs without losing performance.

Increase Milking Speed

Installing one Pulsator per cow maximises air flow to the teat cup chamber, allowing an increased response time in the A phase (opening the liner) of the pulsation cycle. This in turn maximises the B phase, speeding up the milking of the cow. Stimulation pulsation increases the pulsation rate, massages the teat at the start of the milking, and encourages faster milk let down.


Each system is fitted with a filtered fresh air line providing clean air to each individual pulsator. The pulsators may also be flushed out with water during a machine service.