Pearson i500, Pearson Milking Technology, Pearson Milking Machine

The Pearson i100 Electronic milk meter system offers precise milk measurement with unrivaled milking performance,

Milk Measurement

The Pearson milk meter measures each 100g of milk flowing through the meter. With the patented silicone double diaphragm technology, Pearson can rely on fast, accurate measurement sent to the keypad and to the herd management system.

Pulsation Control

The keypad controls the pulsation for that individual unit. Once the cluster has been removed from the cow the pulsator for that unit shuts down stopping liner movement within the shells. This is done to keep the liner elasticity within the shell at its best, giving maximum performance during the liner life.

Stimulation Pulsation

Once the cluster is applied to the udder, the keypad monitors milk flow from the cow. If the cow is slow to let milk down the stimulation pulsation starts and massages the teats at 120 beats per minute to encourage the cow to let down the milk.

Milk Alarms

During the milking, the keypad monitors the cow’s milk against its previous history. If the milk recorded is lower than what the cow has given previously, an alarm is shown to the operator, The cow may then  be selected exiting the parlour at the ProSelect drafting system  for further inspection after milking.

M- Sense Monitor

During milking the salt content of the cow’s milk is measured. If the measurement is higher than the cow’s previous history an alarm is shown on the keyboard and within the Ceres software herd management system.

Herd Management alerts

During the milking process most of the cow’s information like heat date, insemination date , drying off date, etc , is available through the keyboard.