Stallwork and Accessories

Pearson Milking Technology, Pearson Milking Machine


All Pearson Rump Rails are made from black heavy gauge steel and end up as a fully galvanised construction, engineered for fast efficient installation, and supplied with support trusses and front guide rails to minimise construction costs.

Pit Kerb

A PEARSON galvanised steel or stainless steel kerb rail will help the operator to keep the pit cleaner by reducing the amount of splash entering the pit.  Steel kerb rails will also allow the cow’s hoofs and rear legs to be positioned closer to the operator, reducing the amount of reach required when applying the milking clusters.

Automatic Exit Gates

To close the exit gate, press any one of the control buttons mounted in the pit, The gate will automatically close and lock in the closed position. This simple device speeds up the overall milking time and reduces operator movement.

Wrap – Around Entry Gate

The guide rail indexes the cows into a single file for faster loading and turns the last cow into position. Once the control button is pushed in the pit, the gate folds out and pushes the cow into the perfect position for cluster application. There is a blocking bar at the back of the gate section to prevent cows getting caught while the gate opens to load the next row.