Rapid Exit

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Maximise Cow Flow Exiting the Parlour

The Pearson Rapid exit manger system allows such benefits as :

  • Remaining feed hidden from following cows.
  • More comfortable for cows.
  • Easier to keep clean.
  • Wall/Floor mounted.
  • Can be washed out clean..
  • Available in galvanised or stainless steel.
  • Suitable for different width buildings.
  • Maximum feed intake in minimum of time.

Express Rapid exit with feed – RED System

RED System – Rapid Exit Dispatch

  • The Pearson RED system has been designed to create maximum speed through a herringbone parlour with inparlour feeding. The RED System incorporates fast entry and fast exit into one complete unit.
  • Fast entry into the parlour occurs from the sequential bailing paddles preventing cows entering a unit half way up the parlour. The cows must go to the first or next available stall to enter a unit. This leads to a fast loading time for each row.
  • The fast exit speed comes from the feeding trough system in front of the cows lifting up allowing the cows walk straight out in front,
  • clearing the milking platform in a matter of seconds.
  • Some of the key features of the RED System:
  • A self leveling trough Prevents meal from spilling while lifting allowing better cow flow while exiting.
  • The Sequential bailing paddles do not lift, this forces cow to walk straight out of the stalls and not move left or right along the cow stand.
  • Once the cows move forward the bailing paddles close behind them, the entrance gate can now be opened and allow cows enter while the feeding trough is being lowered.