Tru-Feed – Control

Pearson Milking Technology, Tru-Feed – Control

Different dairy farms require different feeding controls in the milking pit. Whether it’s an all year round calving platform or single calving platform Pearson offers controls to suit your herd.

Multi feed control

The Multi feed control unit allows feed amounts to be entered from a single box in the milking pit. Individual feed amounts may be entered into the unit as the cows enter the parlour.

Touch feed control

For single calving herd platforms batch controls and individual unit controls may be installed. Once the cows have entered the parlour a batch amount is given to the row of cows from any keypad. While at the unit before cluster application the cow may be topped up by the individual control unit.

Automatic Feed to yield

If Pearsons milk meters, herd management and auto identification system is installed on the milking parlour, feeding to yield may be used. Cows may be set on a feed curve following the cows lactation, milk yield or calving time.