Forward Motion Start


Forward Motion control has been developed to give a clearer view of the cows udder and speed work flow through a Double Sided parlour. Once the cow has finished milking, the cluster is removed from the cow and is lowered close to the ground. This allows the operator to post spray and view the cows clearly. The clusters are still in the down position while the cows have exited and a new row is ready to enter the parlour. This is to allow prework on the new cows with no clusters in the way of the operator. once a cluster is start­ed the cluster in front of the operator will lift ready to start. This will continue until all clusters are applied to this row. 


Forward Motion on the rotary parlour minimises operator movement during the milking process. As the cluster comes to a point where the operator normally stands for attachment the cluster automatically releases and starts. The operator does not have to press a button or lift a cluster.