Pearson i500

The i500 Control unit incorporates a large LCD screen to view and input animal information from the herd management system.  With large easy press embossed buttons for control and bright LEDs at the bottom of the control unit gives the operator a simple and easy visualization of the status of the milking unit at a distance.

Display Screen   

  • Milk Yield in kg
  • Expected Milk Yield
  • Milking Time
  • Milking Speed
  • Realtime Milk Graph
  • Milk Alarms
  • Cow Number
  • Calving date
  • Heat date
  • Insemination date
  • Expected Calving date
  • Dry off date
  • Calendar Alarms
  • Feeding amount
  • Entrance Gate Control
  • Exit Gate Control
  • Cow Selection ( 4 Gates )
  • Milk Separation


  • Automatic cluster remover on good milk line
  • Automatic cluster remover on divert milk line
  • Auto lift start / Swing Start
  • Smart Pulse – individual Pulsation control
  • Stimulation Pulsation
  • Milk diversion control
  • Conductivity indicator
  • Visual alarm display
  • Milking time display
  • Gate control Auto Identification
  • Heat detection display
  • Auto/ Manual feed functionality
  • Calendar alarm display
  • Individual animal control settings
  • Smart Comm – communication control
  • Milk Yield Display (Apollo & Pulsa Meter)