Rota Clean Water System

Pearson Milking Technology, Rotary Milking

Milk Quality

Keeping a rotary clean during milking can be a very difficult task. The deck and cluster are two main areas that need to be kept clean as they are in contact or close to the cows teats.

Deck Wash System

A high powered spray nozzle is positioned at the exit point of the rotary deck, this nozzle cleans the deck of any dung or waste milk on the table, giving a clean inviting area for the next cow. The spray nozzle will only activate when the rotary is in a forward milking rotation to reduce the amount of water used.

Rotary Boom Wash System

A Stainless steel Boom is installed from the centre of the rotary out to the outside where one wash hose is attached. It swivels at the center point allowing the operator to walk around the rotary with the one wash hose.