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Architects are typically required to meet three common requirements: education, experience, and examination. Educational requirements generally consist of a university degree in architecture.


Core financial theories can largely be divided into the following categories: financial economics, mathematical finance and valuation. Personal finance may also involve paying for a loan, or debt obligations.


The relationship between design and production is one of planning and executing. Design philosophies are usually for determining design goals. The design process is understood in terms of a discrete sequence of stages.


Photography is the result of combining several technical discoveries, relating to seeing an image and capturing the image. A large variety of techniques are used in the process of capturing images.


The tutor spends a few hours on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to transfer their expertise on the topic or skill to the student. Academic coaching is a type of mentoring applied to academics.

Party Planner

Many organizations hold events in order to market their label, build business relationships, raise money, or celebrate achievement. An event venue may be an onsite or offsite location.