Automatic Slurry Systems

Control Unit

The control unit, which is electronically controlled, allows greater accuracy and flexibility in the barn. It is constructed to I.P. 55 standards ensuring it is completely dust proof and water resistant. The unit incorporates two twenty four hour time clocks, providing the widest possible number of selection times

  • Fully Automatic function
  • Manual override control
  • Dual time clocks for automatic control
  • Control of up to 6 channels

Hydraulic Power Pack

At the heart of every hydraulic passage scraping system is the hydraulic power unit. It produces the hydraulic pressure, which powers the rams. The PEARSON hydraulic power unit only requires a two-horse power motor to drive it, thus resulting in less electricity being used to scrape the passages.

  • High performance and low noise level
  • Built-in oil filter efficiently cleans the hydraulic oil, helping to extend the lifetime of all components.
  • Smooth changeover valve means easy operation and gentle turns that do not disturb animals or personnel.
  • Adjustable hydraulic pressure makes it possible to optimise each plant to the actual conditions.
  • Oil level display plus automatic shut down if level drops

Scraper Blade Section

The scraper unit assembly is pushed up and down the passage by the channel drive rail, cleaning and scraping the manure out of the passage. The scraper blade assembly is manufactured from either stainless steel, galvanised steel or painted steel.

The centre scraping blades within the assembly float up and down on the passage floor, thus ensuring a better scrape of each passage. The wings hinge in and out and also float up and down, this gives perfect scraping, even on ramped or uneven parts of passage. Each scraped has its own pushing mechanism.