Crowd Gate

At Pearson Milking Technology, we offer a range of Crowd Gates; the Commander Crowd Gate, the Revolve Crowd Gate and the Voyager Crowd Gate.

Commander Crowd Gate
Our Crowd Commander Gate is a blend of a backing gate and scraping system. The gate moves forward moving the cows towards the parlour in a smooth motion. Once the gate reaches the appropriate position it reverses. Upon reversing it scrapes the collecting yard leaving it clean for the next milking. For the smooth movement of the gate this system uses a hydraulic system. The gate is controlled by a control unit situated in the back of the parlour.

Pearson Milking Technology, Commender Crowd Gate

Revolve Crowd Gate
The Revolve Crowd gate is made up of two gates, the first being idle to guide the cows into the parlour. The second gate rotates around the collecting yard behind the cows keeping them moving towards the parlour entrance. This system is powered by compressed air and a pneumatic motor to move the gate. As the gates are compressed air controlled, it prevents stray voltage or electric failures in the outdoor environment.

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Voyager Crowd Gate
The Voyager Gate can easily bring cows toward the parlour entrance in groups. Once one of the groups is in the parlour the gate can lift up over the cows to bring the next group into the parlour. This system is suitable for farms with a herd larger than the collection yard. Again, this system is run on a compressed air motor and pneumatic rams. This ensures the longevity of the product for both indoor and outdoor use. A scraper can also be added to the gate and as the gate moves forward or backward the scraper cleans the collecting yard.

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